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She-Fi Podcast: X-Men Apocalypse

In this episode of the She-Fi podcast, we review X-Men Apocalypse. This movie really brought out the relationship dynamics between the characters, revealing their strengths and flaws. They portray the characters as a family that’s much stronger when they work together to take on the issues and enemies that antagonize them.  

Tableread for the Shower and How The Blacklist is Changing the World of TV and Movies

  In 2015, I attended a table read for a screenplay called The Shower, written by a woman named Jac Schaeffer. It was well-written, action-packed, with thoughtfully crafted characters and sharp, witty dialogue. It had chick flick elements transfused with components from the Alien movies. The majority of the cast was female, and some notable actors/actresses played the roles of […]

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