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Juliet Capulet in a Universe of Her Own

kill shakespeare juliet

Juliet Capulet is one of literature’s most enduring heroines. But what if she were transformed from the tragic victim of a star-crossed love affair into the dynamic, independent protagonist of her own story? That’s exactly what Conor McCreery, Anthony Del Col, Andy Belanger and Corin Howell have done in Kill Shakespeare, whose first trade is […]

5 Comics Anthologies for Feminists


When you look at the current comics landscape, you can see that compelling, nuanced female characters are really starting to emerge as a driving force. And while we still have a long way to go in terms of representation among creators, more and more female writers and artists are getting their voices out there. Most of […]

Why Stories Really Matter

If you’re reading this, you’re probably someone who’s pretty into fandom. And if you’re like me, you get almost irrationally attached to your favorite protagonists. I’ve even been known to lose sleep worrying about the fates of my favorite characters. But these stories we love so much are more than just distractions. More than escapism. […]

I’ll Have What She’s Having

I’d like to take a moment to talk about clothes. Don’t worry, this is still a geek blog. Full disclosure:  I’m not a particularly snappy dresser.  In fact, I hate clothes shopping and, the topic of this post notwithstanding, actually generally give very little thought to clothing at all.  It’s not that I don’t want […]

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