You Can Now Be Facebook Friends With Alien Explorer Lex Kepler


Have you ever wondered if aliens existed? And if they existed, what they thought of us humans? Well now you can become facebook friends with alien explorer, Lex Kepler. You can also follow her on Twitter. Lex is a woman from an alien race known as the Kreyatons. She’s come to Earth on a mission of exploration, and is fascinated by the human species. She’s created a Facebook and Twitter account in order to have an open dialogue with humans in an attempt to learn more about us. She also shares her thoughts and observations on what she’s learned about the human race in some of her posts.

What we know about Lex from her posts is that she’s posing as a college student at UCLA so she can study human life. She’s studying physics there but is kind of bored because her knowledge in the subject is highly advanced. She’s more interested in faster-than-light space travel. Lex takes everything literally. When someone told her she was “cool,” she assumed they were talking about her body temperature. She responded in this manner: “A human just told me I was cool. And yes, my body temperature is 96.8, cooler than the normal human body temperature. Your race is quite observant. I am impressed.”

We also know that Lex’s study on humans is mainly focused on our personal relationships, and that familial bonds are of no consequence to her race. When one of her human fb friends asked her about how Kreyatons raise their young, she responded by saying, “Our offspring are reproduced in incubation laboratories. Once they are fully formed infants, they are raised in parentage facilities. Teachers and caretakers are in charge of the children, and make sure they┬áreceive the skills and education they need to take on their roles in society. We do not have parents. Kreyatons have done away with personal relationships, even parent-child relationships. I am here to study your species’ unique interest in personal relationships.” Seeing how humans interact personally with one another must be quite a culture shock to our socially inexperienced, alien friend. Perhaps, in this particular subject matter, humans have a lot to teach Lex.


Kreyatons could definitely teach us a lot about science, especially space travel. However, I don’t think Lex or the other Kreyatons will offer us up that knowledge. They’re afraid we’ll nuke their home planet. In a post about NASA’s Warp Speed Starship Prototype, the IXS Enterprise, Lex stated, “This is great, humans! You have taken some early steps toward faster-than-light travel through space. Congrats! I am very proud of you. Now please don’t nuke my home world.”

Lex Kepler is a character of a WGA registered sci-fi comedy series created by Sarah Cooke and Aimee Dansereau. The script for the 1st episode made it to finalist in the Creative World Awards Screenwriting Competition. More details about the series will be revealed in the future. Lex from the series will be somewhat different than Facebook and Twitter Lex. For one thing, Facebook and Twitter Lex let’s you know she’s an alien. Lex from the series is hiding her alien identity, and trying to blend into human society as one of us. Other characters from the series may eventually pop up with their own Facebook and Twitter accounts. Xalax, who’s basically Lex’s arch nemesis and alien colleague, could get an account. Carly, Lex’s female, human confidante may also get one too.

To send Lex a friend request, click on this link:

Lex’s twitter handle is: @Lex_isanalien

If you’d like to contact the creators of Lex’s show, just leave a message in Lex’s personal message inbox.


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