There Needs to Be a Remake of The Neverending Story

Atreyu & Falkor #3

There have been talks about a remake of The Neverending Story, but nothing has transpired so far. In a time when Hollywood is remaking just about everything, you’d think something would have materialized by now. There are so many older shows and movies being remade these days that it could make your head spin, however, I think The Neverending Story deserves a remake. The Neverending Story is not only fun and entertaining for children, but it teaches them to value their dreams, and not doubt their own self worth. From the wise words of the Childlike Empress, “The more wishes you make, the more magnificent Fantasia will become.”


It is one of my most favorite childhood movies, and I’d watch it, not only for enjoyment, but to help give me inspiration whenever I had failed at something, or needed a bit of a morale boost. To be truthful, as an adult, I still watch it from time to time for those same reasons.


I’d like to see the younger generations enjoy an updated version of this childhood classic. Although the original is amazing, and still holds up pretty well, some adventures had to be cut from the book because they didn’t have advanced enough technology to do it justice on-screen. Plus, it couldn’t hurt to give Falcor a makeover. If they were to remake it today, the story could be told more in-depth, and with better costumes, props, special effects, etc.





From the fact that fans have made their own trailers of The Neverending Story, it’s obvious that at least a handful of people feel the same way. Below are some of my favorite fan-made trailers of The Neverending Story. I hope they bring you inspiration, and a little luck. And just like Fantasia, may your dreams have no boundaries.







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  1. While I agree a remake of The Neverending Story with today’s cinematic abilities would be great and bring the movie closer to the book, I don’t agree it should be done.

    Hollywood doesn’t know how to remake a movie and still capture the greatness of the original (see Godzilla (1998), Clash Of The Titans (2010), Total Recall (2012)…the list goes on).

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