9 Awesome Moments at the San Diego Comic-Con (2016)

The San Diego Comic-Con has come to an end, along with all its cosplay glory, but we can still relish in our favorite moments.



Here are 9 of mine:


9.) Seeing Jon Snow check his i-phone.

     Westeros, known for its horse and buggies, Valyrian swords, and medieval castles; doesn’t have much in the ways of modern technology so it’s quite a shock when you see Jon Snow (at least someone cosplaying Jon Snow) take out one of Apple’s products. I bet he was doing a search on Google!


8.) Seeing the Ghostbusters vehicle drive by.

Ghostbusters vehicle #3


7.) Two and a Half Deadpools.

       Two men, and the son of one of the men, were checking out Funko-pop dolls in their Deadpool costumes.


Deadpool dad says to Deadpool Jr.: “Look! They have a Black Panther.”

Deadpool Jr.: “I want it!”

Deadpool Dad: “I’ll get it for you.”


It was touching to see a father and son bond over one of their favorite Marvel characters.




6.) Andrew Lincoln tries to fling glitter on Norman Reedus but gets a lot of it on himself during the Walking Dead panel.

Chris Hardwick comments, “Looks like you guys made out at a Michaels.” Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see this spectacle in person. I waited in line to get into the Walking Dead panel, but there was just too many people ahead of us, and the room where the panel was held, filled up. I saw it on youtube, so I’m counting it.




5.) All the Awesome Cosplay costumes


Eden & Dakota as Harley Quinn & The Joker      Peter Pan - Jack frost        Man in Tree Cosplay Star Wars Cosplay


Please check out our She-Fi San Diego Comic-Con video (2016) to see even more great cosplay costumes: 




4.) The Cheese Eulogy

       At the Last Man on Earth panel, Will Forte mentions that in the show, after the cow dies, he had written a scene where Carol gives a cheese eulogy before they feast on the last of the cheese in all of existence. Unfortunately, that scene got cut out. Although disappointed we didn’t get to hear the cheese eulogy, I’m glad it exists. They mentioned that it might be possible to show the cheese eulogy as a flashback. I sure hope so!




3.) The hilarious banter between Will Forte and Kristin Schaal at the Last Man on Earth panel.


2.) Getting our picture taken with Nichelle Nichols.

      I can’t actually show the picture in this article, but just know that it exists!


1.) Attending the Star Trek Writer Room panel and listening to Ron D. Moore talk about how he got his start as a screenwriter.

Ron D. Moore, executive producer and creator of Battlestar Galactica and Outlander, and producer/writer of Star Trek the Next Generation, is one of my two favorite screenwriters of all time. Battlestar Galactica is my favorite TV series of all time.




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  1. I love that we were included in your 9 most awesome moments at SD Comic con! (Star Wars REBELS). What a great event and thanks for introducing us to She-Fi!

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