The Hilarious GoT Parody, “School of Thrones”

Now that Game of Thrones season 6 has ended, and it’ll be a while before season 7 graces the screen, many fans are starting to experience withdrawal symptoms. A good way to curb your GoT cravings is to check out School of Thrones, a 3 episode web series that parodies everyone’s favorite fantasy TV show.


The story takes place at Westeros Valley High School. It’s basically a cross between Mean Girls and Game of Thrones. It features some of our favorite GoT characters as high school students, and Lord Baelish as the creepy Co-assistant Vice Principal. Instead of competing for the iron throne, these characters are competing to be king or queen of prom. Instead of the motto, “Winter is Coming,” School of Thrones goes by the motto “Prom Night is coming.”



Each of the Game of Thrones houses has been turned into high school cliques: the Starks are hipsters, the Baratheons are jocks, the Greyjoys are water polo players, and the Lannisters – well, I’m not exactly sure what the Lannisters are. Maybe stoners? The Tyrells look like they might be the rich kids. Dany Targaryen, a foreign exchange student, is the new girl at school. She has an affinity for dragons and potentially for lighting things on fire.






School of Thrones was released right before season 3 of Game of Thrones so the storylines and character arcs reflect only the first 2 seasons of the HBO hit series. It would be great if they made another season of this fun web series in order to reflect Game of Thrones‘ later seasons.


Zack Grafton is the creator, and writer of the show. He also produced it along with Whitney Milam, Alex Creswick, and Matthew Mercer. Milam also plays Margaery Tyrell. It stars Mary Kate Wiles, Austin Rogers, Brendan Bradley, Nick Palatas, Ashley Burch, Maxwell Glick, Luke Morgan, Matthew Boehm, Marisha Ray, Nic Novicki, Joey Richter, and others.







You can watch the 1st episode here:




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