Renegades Will Now Be An Ongoing Sci-fi Web Series, Separate from the Star Trek Universe

          Originally, Renegades (formerly known as Star Trek Renegades), was a Star Trek fan-based project created to entice CBS to pick it up as a series within the Star Trek universe. When CBS announced that they were creating something similar with their own in-house production, Renegades decided to make the episode that they’re currently shooting, The Requiem, the conclusive end. I wrote an article about Renegades and its 1st episode back when they were still considering themselves a Star Trek fan-inspired TV series. You can find the article here:


But then on June 23rd, 2016, CBS and Paramount announced the new guidelines for Star Trek Fan Films. It must’ve been a total shock for the Renegades cast and crew, considering they were in the middle of production when receiving such news. Having the utmost respect for the Star Trek franchise, they wanted to abide by the rules and regulations. And, at the same time, they wanted to fulfill the obligation they have to their fans and donors to the best of their ability. However, it may have been impossible to do both, so Sky Conway productions and the cast and crew of Renegades decided to remove any Star Trek elements and references from Renegades entirely, allowing Renegades to become its own original series. Now that Renegades is it’s own original series, there will be future episodes.


Renegades is about a crew of rogues, rebels, and outcasts led by Captain Lexxa Singh that are enlisted by the Confederation to take care of the kind of threats and missions that no one else can handle. They become an elite, highly skilled, undercover team; kind of like an interstellar version of  guerrilla troops. Adrienne Wilkinson, known for her role as Xena’s daughter Eve in Xena: Warrior Princess, plays the badass Captain Lexxa Singh. It also stars Nichelle Nichols, Walter Koenig, Tim Russ, Robert Beltran, Robert Picardo, Edward Furlong, Manu Intiraymi, Terry Farrell, Sean Young, and many others.


Renegades crew


I know a lot of Renegades fans, and fans of other Star Trek inspired fan films have expressed resentment toward the new guidelines, fearing that it might create issues, and ultimately stop the progression of such passion projects. However, I feel like this news isn’t necessarily bad. These projects can go on to evolve into something purely original, emerging from their Star Trek inspired cocoons, and spreading their wings into new territory. Renegades has already started to do so. It has become its own entity, and can now continue to create new, great episodes. I’m glad that Requiem will no longer be the conclusion, but just the beginning. I look forward to seeing how the show progresses, how the characters grow, and what new adventures Sky Conway and friends have in store for us to enjoy. The Sky’s the limit.




You can also watch the first episode of Renegades here:




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