The Award Winning Sci-fi Comedy, “Space Janitors”



Space Janitors is a Star Wars inspired sci-fi web comedy. It’s about a janitor named Darby Richards (Brendan Halloran) who lives and works aboard an evil space station along with his janitor friend, Mike Chet (Pat Thornton), and his other friends from Social Group 417. Darby aspires to be more than just a janitor. When a couple of rebels (or should I say rebel scum?), shoot their way through a corridor that Darby and Mike have been mopping up, Darby takes offense that the rebels completely ignore them, but shoot at the squall troopers. Darby tells Mike that someday he’s going to be someone important. “I’m going somewhere, and someday I’m going to be someone that somebody’s going to want to shoot at.”

Created by Davin Lengyel and Geoff Lapaire, Space Janitors has won Best Original Series for Digital Media at the Canadian Screen Awards 2014 and Best Web Series at the Canadian Comedy Awards in 2013.

Darby and Mike’s friends from Social Group 417 include Edith Kingpin (Evany Rosen), a first class computer psychologist with an affinity for power and order; LN6-K, or affectionately called Elle (Tess Degenstein), an android engineer who’s also Darby’s ex-girlfriend; and Dennis 4862 (Scott Ryan Yamamura), a fun-loving, dedicated, and hard-working squall trooper. Dennis may lack brains, but he has a lot of heart.




Officer Emily “Rebel-Killer” Roarke


The last member of Social Group 417 is Officer Emily “Rebel-killer” Roarke (Helen Johns), who finds mass genocide relaxing, but is a positive and kind leader to her empire minions. In my opinion, Roarke is one of the most interesting characters in the whole series. There’s this great contrast in her personality between her kind and proper image when among her empire colleagues vs. the cruel and ruthless tyrant that comes out when its time to make rebel scum pay for their insubordination. She’s the perfect blend of Mary Poppins and Darth Vader. She doesn’t appear until season 2, when she joins social group 417 and tries in strange ways to fit in and make friends. I guess even genocidal murderers just want to be accepted.

Space Janitors shows us what it’s like to be a part of the dark side, even giving us glimpses of its humanity. For instance, it’s kind of heartwarming that the evil emperor remembers to send birthday cards to each and every clone in his squall trooper army. I mean, how often is it that the boss of a large company (or in this case, empire), remembers to send birthday cards to all their employees? Officer Roarke always gives praise and encouragement to the team she leads even though other offices usually use intimidation and fear when managing their team members. (Roarke saves the fear and intimidation for rebel scum.)




Space Janitors also references other great sci-fi shows such as Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, Tron, Alien, and Firefly.


Space Janitors is one of the best web shows out there, and I highly recommend it To watch this hilarious web show, just click here.

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