Felicia Day’s Web Series, “Dragon Age Redemption”

Felicia Day is known for her award winning web series, “The Guild,” but not as many people know about her series, “Dragon Age: Redemption,” which she wrote and starred in. In “Dragon Age Redemption,” Day plays a well-toned, cleavage-bearing elvin assassin with flaming red hair, named Tallis. Tallis is nothing like the character Sid Sherman/Codex, which Felicia Day plays in “The Guild.” Sid is neurotic, nervous, and self-conscious; whereas Tallis is confident, in-charge, and knows how to kick some serious ass.

Dragon Age: Redemption is based off of Dragon Age: Origins, a game created by Bioware. Bioware’s Dragon Age is based on a very detailed and complex mythology. Dragon Age the game, and “Dragon Age: Redemption” are both set in Ferelden, a nation that is as detailed as J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle Earth. With so much information involved in the Dragon Age universe, newbies are bound to have a challenging time following the plot, even with the helpful text panels that appear at the beginning of each episode.

So if you’re a newbie, or even if you’re not, here’s the low down on the Dragon Age universe. There are two rivaling groups: the humans and the Qunari. The humans’ power comes from their church, the chantry. The church has warriors they call templars. The templars hunt down mages and lock them up in the church’s prison. Mages are those who can wield magic, and are thought to be very dangerous, and easily possessed by demons. Mages can be of any race: human, elves, or Qunari. The Qunari are a race of grey giants who build up their empires by converting humans, elves, and dwarves to their own personal philosophy, the Qun. Mages often get stuck in the middle of the conflict between the Qunari and the humans.




Felicia Day Dragon Age

The storyline unfolds when a powerful mage, referred to by the Qunari as the Saarebas, escapes from the chantry prison. Tallis, an elf member of the Qunari, is sent to retrieve him and bring him back to the Qunari alive. However, the chantry has also sent someone to bring the powerful mage back to the prison from which he escaped, a templar by the name of Cairn.

Despite their different allegiances, Tallis and Cairn decide it would be easier to capture the Saarebas if they work together to track him down. But they agree that once he’s found, their alliance will come to an end, and they will have to duel to the death, leaving the winner to take the Saarebas as their prisoner, and bring him to their people.

With the use of machinima technology, Dragon Age: Redemption has a professional appearance, exhibiting a polished look similar to that of television shows with large budgets. Although we’re still a long way from web shows being held in the same esteem as television, this show may be a step toward that future. It also stars Adam Raynor as Cairn, Masam Holden as a young, Dalish mage that joins Tallis and Cairn on their journey to track down the Saarebas, and Doug Jones as the Saarebas.



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