A New Sci-fi Web Series, “Blade of Honor”

            Blade of Honor is a sci-fi web series in the vein of Star Trek, featuring a strong female lead. In the year, 2187, the human Alliance is losing a war against an animal race of people called the Calinar. The main character is a young woman named Arina Kartades, a religious, Alliance Navy Star Blade pilot. (She’s basically a Starbuck type of the Katee Sackhoff variety.) When Arina discovers that her religious upbringing was a lie, she is forced to go on a quest and find out the true reasons behind her people’s war with the Calinar, but what she discovers puts her in danger, and at odds with her religion, her military vows, and just about everything she holds dear. Arina has to find a way to expose the truth about the deceptions of her people’s religious masters, and protect the ones she loves from both the Alliance and the Calinar.


Starring in the series are well-known actors like Tim Russ, known for his role as Tuvok in the Star Trek franchise; and Richard Hatch, known for playing Apollo in Battlestar Galactica (1978) and Tom Zarek in the 2004 remake of Battlestar Galactica. James Kyson, who played Ando in Tim Kring’s Heroes is even in the series! As Hiro Nakamura would say, “Yatta!” Blade of Honor also stars Alison Haislip, Aron Eisenberg, Jasmine Waltz, Cirroc Loften, Brandon Stacy (who looks a lot like Zachary Quinto), Rivkah Raven Wood, Ryan T. Husk, and Jodie Bentley.


The creation of Blade of Honor is still in its very early stages. It just successfully crowdfunded the amount needed to produce episode one (out of five). It’s garnered the attention of some major Hollywood executives and companies, and the Blade of Honor team hopes that one of these companies will pick it up, and fund it as an ongoing series. But first, they need to impress the execs with an amazing first mini-season (consisting of all five episodes).


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