Why We Don’t Need to Worry About That Crazy Cap Reveal (CAPTAIN AMERICA SPOILERS)

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So as I’m sure you’ve heard by now, Captain America: Steve Rogers #1 (written by Nick Spencer, artwork by Jesus Saiz) had a HUUUGE reveal this week that basically broke the internet. By the end of the issue, it looks like Cap has been a secret HYRDA agent all along! And people are FREAKING OUT!

I know, it’s a pretty shocking twist. And my first reaction was something along the lines of OMG WHAAAAT!!?? But there are some pretty good reasons why we can all relax.

It’s not like Marvel had no idea they’d get this reaction. They were well aware that fans would reject the idea of an evil Cap. So there’s really no incentive for Marvel to truly and permanently turn the character who has been the moral compass of their universe for 75 years into a Nazi. Sure, they might sell a bunch of comics for the first couple of issues just because people will want to find out what the hell is going on. But ultimately, they’d lose so many Cap fans that it wouldn’t be worth it for them. So just from an economic standpoint, it would make┬áno sense for them to genuinely turn Cap into a villain.

Also, let’s not forget, it is a comic book, after all. It’s a medium known for dramatic plot twists and cliffhangers. Remember when Cap “died” and how outraged everyone was? There are all kinds of ways this storyline could resolve and restore Cap to the character we know and love. Maybe he’s actually a triple agent. Maybe it’s time travel (the issue did spend a fair amount of time on Elisa Sinclair…maybe she traveled back in time to change Cap’s past). Or maybe┬áKobik, the sentient cosmic cube who gave Steve his powers back, is being manipulated by HYDRA and is messing with his reality, causing him to do things he wouldn’t otherwise do. This could actually be a really interesting story arc because when Steve — a character who has always been driven by his moral code — ultimately comes back to his senses, he’ll have to grapple with having done things (like pushing Jack Flag out of a plane) that violate that code.

For more on the controversy, check out this video from Newsy.

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