Star Trek Renegades to Shoot the Ending of Their Internet TV Series

Star Trek Renegades is an independent fan-funded, Internet TV series based on the Star Trek franchise created by Gene Roddenberry.


When a new enemy threatens Earth, Star Fleet Federation is unable to do anything about it due to the Prime Directive. Admiral Chekov and Tuvok call upon a misfit crew of outcasts and criminals to come to the rescue. This crew, captained by Lexxa Singh, becomes a new, elite undercover team that boldly goes where the Federation regulations won’t allow standardized Starfleet ships to go. It’s not the Star Trek you grew up with. It’s got a much darker, grittier tone entirely. It’s kind of like the Batman of Star Treks.




Some of our favorite actors from the Star Trek franchise reprise their roles. Tim Russ reprises his role as Tuvok (Voyager), Walter Koenig reprises his role as Pavel Chekov (Star Trek the Original Series).┬áRobert Picardo plays Dr. Zimmerman, Manu Intiraymi as Icheb, Richard Herd as Admiral Paris. Adrienne Wilkinson, known for her role as Xena’s daughter Eve in Xena: Warrior Princess, plays the badass Captain Lexxa Singh. Edward Furlong, famous for his role as John Connor in Terminator 2: Judgement Day, plays Fixer, a character that becomes one of my favorites by the end of the first episode.


The cast and crew of Renegades is getting ready to shoot the next part of their series, “Requiem,” which will be broken up into parts 1 and 2. Shooting starts on June 25th, and wraps up on August 10th. Requiem, unfortunately, will be the conclusion of the Renegades series, as their original goal was to inspire CBS to pick it up as a new web series, but CBS has announced that they’re creating something similar with their own in-house production.


On a more positive note, Nichelle Nichols will be joining the cast and reprising her role as Nyota Uhura (the Original Series).


Hana Hatae will be reprising her role as Molly O’Brien (Star Trek The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine). She played the daughter of Miles and Keiko O’ Brien.


The first episode of Renegades is already on youtube. You can watch it here:



Also, She-Fi reviewed the first episode of Renegades. You can watch our video here:


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