REVIEW: Jon Snow’s Impact in Creating a More Female-Empowered Westeros

It’s no secret that Westeros is a harsh and cruel place for anyone, but it is especially so for women. In this male-dominated world, women are viewed mainly as property or objects, and things are set up so that they can’t have any of their own power or status in society. It is only through marriage or family name that they can have status or power. For instance, Cersei Lannister may hold power, but only because she is the mother of the king. (If something were to happen to her son, and since Tommen is the last of her sons, she would lose all her power. Although Cersei’s daughter Myrcella was older than Tommen, Myrcella could not become ruler because she was female. The crown went to Tommen because he was male, and Myrcella got married off to the prince of Dorn.)


Things are starting to change, and despite the fact that women are second-class citizens in most of Westeros, there are many strong, resilient, and resourceful female characters on the show; as well as many men who choose to go against their world’s traditional values, and stand behind these women.


So, how does Jon Snow’s resurrection from the dead fit into all this? He’s of course going to play a pivotal role in the transformation of Westeros, and I’ll tell you all about my theory. But before we get into all that, let’s look into the mystery behind his true parentage.





The big question everyone’s been asking, “Who are Jon Snow’s real parents?” The most probable answer lies in the popular theory that Jon Snow’s parents are Lyanna Stark (Ned Stark’s sister) and Rhaegar Targaryen (Daernerys’ oldest brother). In case you haven’t heard of this theory, it’s the theory that Rhaegar didn’t take Lyanna against her will; they were in love. However, Lyanna was bethrothed to Robert Baratheon. (This was before Baratheon became king, and when Aerys II Targaryen, father of Rhaegar and Daenerys, was king. When Lyanna left with Rhaegar, everyone assumed he had kidnapped her. Baratheon, who was deeply in love with Lyanna, started a war to rescue her, and it ended with Aerys and Rhaegar both dying and Baratheon becoming king.


When Ned Stark went to the Tower of Joy to see his sister, she was dying from giving birth, and the child she was birthing was Jon Snow. Since Baratheon was killing off the Targaryen children, Lyanna asked Ned to protect her baby, and not let anyone know he had Rhaegar Targaryen’s blood running through his veins. If Baratheon were to find out Jon was a Targaryen, he would’ve killed Jon immediately, especially since Jon would’ve been a reminder of Rhaegar sleeping with the women he loved. So Ned raised Jon as his own, and lied so everyone would think that Jon was his son that he had with a woman who wasn’t his wife.


In previews for episode 3 of season 6, it shows that Bran Stark is going to have a vision of his father, Ned, back when Ned was a young man. The vision shows Ned at the Tower of Joy right before he sees his sister and finds out about her love child with Rhaegar. It’s likely that Bran’s about to find out the truth of Jon Snow’s parentage, and will be able to share his knowledge with others, including Jon Snow, or should I say Jon Targaryen.



Before Jon becomes acquainted with his Aunt Daenerys, he’ll probably first meet up with his cousin, Sansa Stark, along with Brienne of Tarth, Theon Greyjoy, and Podrick; who are on their way to Castle Black to meet up with him. I’m sure he’s going to storm Winterfell with the wildling army at his command, and take it back from the ruthless Ramsey Bolton, restoring the Stark family’s authority to the land. Afterall, he is half Stark on his mother’s side, and he has loyalty to his uncle Ned for raising him as though he were Ned’s own son. Sansa and the other Stark children were like brothers and sisters to him, and if the Rhaegar-Lyanna theory is true, they are still his blood relatives. They’re his cousins. Since Rob Stark is dead, and I don’t see Bran being interested in ruling over Winterfell, and Rincon is just too young anyways, I think Sansa should become Lord of Winterfell.



Then Jon will turn his attention to that nasty whitewalker problem. Afterall, winter has been coming for the last 6 years. I’m sure it’ll arrive soon, or at least in the next couple seasons, definitely before the series ends. Jon Snow and his army of wildlings, and maybe some friend’s from the king’s guard, will go to defend the kingdoms. I believe Aunt Daenerys will arrive around that same time. Her desire to reclaim the throne will have to wait, and she and her Unsullied, her Dothraki (because you know they’re going to end up joining her), and other loyal subjects will defend the land against the whitewalker threat. She may even join forces with Jon Snow to stop the threat.


But at some point, once danger is alleviated, she’s going to turn her attentions back onto reclaiming the throne. Jon and her may butt heads at first. At some point, Jon’s going to come into close encounters with the Mother of Dragons’ dragons, and since he’s a true Targaryen, they’re not going to even puff smoke in his direction. By now, I assume, he would have run into Bran, and found out about his Targaryen heritage, and then informed Daenerys of this information. Daenerys would stop her attack on her nephew, and they’d join forces, taking back the throne from the Lannisters. (Although I feel bad for King Tommen. He’s such a nice kid…at least at this point in the series.)



But then there’s the question, “Wouldn’t Jon want to take the throne for himself?” I really don’t think so. I don’t see him as really caring to be king. I think he’ll take on a leadership role if it’s for the good of the kingdom, but I don’t see him really wanting to be ruler. He’s more the kind of guy that will fight for what he feels is right. As a Targaryen, I think he’ll want to help Daenerys take the throne, and he would fight valiantly for her. Once she was queen, Jon would be honored as the hand of the queen, Tyrion would be Daenerys’ advisor. I mean who would be better to advise the queen on how to run the kingdoms than Tyrion.


Jon would see that no harm would come to the Starks. Daenerys would agree to allow Sansa to remain Lord of Winterfell. Afterall, Jon is the physically manifested union of the Targaryens and Starks. In this new Westeros, the Starks and Targaryens would be allies.


As for the Iron Islands, Yara, Theon’s sister, would rule. Theon’s too psychologically messed up to rule anything, and even when he wasn’t so damaged, his sister has always shown to be more competent. I think Theon would serve her as a knight. Since Daenerys would have passed by the Iron islands on her way to attack King’s Landing, she probably would have encountered the people of the Iron Islands, and made some kind of alliance with Yara, promising to allow Yara to remain ruler of the Iron Islands if Yara were to help her invade King’s Landing.

With Yara as ruler of the Iron islands, Sansa ruling over Winterfell, and Daenerys seated on the Iron throne, as queen of the kingdoms; Westeros would experience an era of gender-equality where women could be the rulers of land, and not be married off so their families could build alliances. And maybe kids born from illegitimate circumstances would no longer have to bare the last name Snow.


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