The Firefly Fan-Made Song, “Mal’s Song”


I’m a huge fan of Joss Whedon’s sci-fi western TV series, Firefly (along with many of his other shows and movies). I’m also a writer. Sometimes when I’m working on a writing project, in order to evoke creative inspiration, I like to listen to music that inspires and awakens me. This includes sci-fi/fantasy and geek oriented music, including theme songs to some of my favorite shows. One of my very favorites is the theme song to Firefly.



One day, while searching youtube for this rousing anthem of freedom and adventure, I came across “Mal’s Song.” Mal, or Malcom Reynolds, as many browncoats know, is the captain of the derelict firefly known as Serenity. Mal and his renegade crew fly through space taking odd jobs; some good, some not so good. They do this while evading government authority and reavers. So I figured I’d play  “Mal’s Song.” It’s among some of the best fan-made music out there. It’s based off of the original Firefly theme song. It adds verses to compliment the original chorus. The verses brilliantly convey who Malcom Reynolds is, his goodness, his flawed humanity, what he’s struggled through, and his resilient, undying spirit.


The song was created by Michelle Dockery of the filk group, Escape Key. (In case you don’t know what Filk is, it’s folk music that’s about anything of interest to sci-fi/fantasy fans.) I was interested to find out more about Dockery and her inspiration to create “Mal’s Song,” so I visited her website On the front page, she had written this: “…the opening theme song just grabbed me by the soul and wouldn’t let go. Encapsulated there in that short little theme was the entire mood of the series, and especially the key to Malcolm Reynolds’ personality. It hinted at Mal’s story, at what makes him a hero, and a leader, and at the same time, a fallible human being. All the elements of a great story. And the more I listened to it, the more it really felt like a chorus in search of some verses. So I wrote some.”

Dockery’s song beautifully captures the essence of Malcolm Reynolds. Click on the video below, and hear why it’s become popular among so many browncoats:



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