Introducing Sarah’s Comic Series, Spellcrafters

UPDATE 6/02/2016: I’ve got all the artwork from Mikey and it looks amazing!! So excited to have this first issue completed! Check out the complete first issue here: Spellcrafters Issue 1: Traveling East

UPDATE 5/01/2016: Mikey has finished the inking for the next few pages! So exciting! There will be a couple small changes made to the final edit of page one to match the later pages (boxes will be added around the narration and the O on Rose’s hoodie will be changed from white to red). And of course, the Fiverr watermark will be removed, lol. I’m really enjoying sharing this process with all of you!

UPDATE 4/25/2016: Mikey has finished the inking for page one! Check it out!

Exciting news! I’ve got artwork for my comic series, Spellcrafters! Thanks to the awesome artist I’ve been working with, Mikey Martinez (check him out on Fiverr, mikeymbm3). In a nutshell, the series is about Rose, a young woman who discovers she’s a witch and is told the magic she has access to is Dark Magic. She has to figure out if she’s destined to be a villain, or if she can use her abilities for good. Here’s the pencilling for the first page and a couple of the character sketches. Once the book is complete, I’ll be sure to let you all know where you find it. For now, I thought I’d share a little of this process with you, so you can watch the book evolve along with me. Stay tuned…more to come!


spellcrafters_test_v3_0_33x (2)spellcrafters page 2 final croppedspellcrafters page 3 croppedspellcrafters page 4 croppedspellcrafters page 5 cropped



spellcrafters page 6 cropped

spellcrafters cropped


Rose sketch
sketch 2


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